Talon Tire Contingency Program extended to all BAC members

Talon Tire has extended their motorsports program to all members of Bluenose Autosport Club.

See below for the info on the tire purchase and contingency programs.

Their website is http://www.talontire.com

Here’s a summary of our Motorsport Program for 2014.

Talon / BAC Gift Coupon:
A SAMPLE coupon is attached (see below). The rules for redemption are attached.
The coupons are available to every registered BAC member. You can post it to your website, or print out as many as you wish and distribute them as door prizes.

To simplify things, members can email me for a detailed quote and I’ll reply with instructions on how to place an order.

Special Event Coupons:
For every 10 coupons redeemed by members of BAC, a SPECIAL EVENT coupon worth 30% more than our regular coupon. BAC can use them for an annual banquet, a championship event, etc.

Talon Tire Contingency Program:
Our contingency program is open to Solo I, Solo II and Time Attack drivers. (see below)

Wishing you and your club members a great 2014.

Talon Tire Motorsports

Thanks to Howard Korzenstein at Talon Tire for making this happen and their support of our motorsport community.

2014 Gift Coupon Rules

Talon_BAC Rebate Coupon-2014

2014 Talon Tire Contingency Program

Dave Hull