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Performance Rally:

Ledwidge Lookoff Rally and Trout Lake Rally

Club Rally Sprint: 



Performance Rally can come in many varieties from Rally Sprint to Single Road Rally to Club/Regional & National level Rally!

Rally Sprints are competition events where participants compete, one at a time, against the clock and total time taken over the competitive sections of the event determines placing.

Rally Sprints are both a level of competitive event on their own and a development event preparing competitors for participation in performance rally events. Rally Sprints are meant to be designed to accent the development of vehicle handling skills while limiting both top and average speeds attainable by competitors. Rally Sprints are multiple courses at either a single venue or multiple venues which follow a rally format of stage and transit.

Performance Rally events such as Single Road, Club and Regional Rally events allow for increased distances as well as higher top and average speeds. These events consist of closed road stages and open road transits.

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