2016-2017 RallyCross Challenge Info


Interested in getting a taste of rally driving?

Perhaps you’re an AutoSlalom junkie looking for a cone-dodging fix during the long winter months? Or maybe just interested in some hands on driving experience in slippery, less than ideal conditions, to better prepare you for our soon to be slippery winter streets? Then participating in a BAC RallyCross event would be just right for you!

A number of times between November and March we will haul out the cones and timing equipment at the Scotia Speed World spectator parking lot to fight against the clock in the mud, snow, gravel and what ever mother nature throws at us. Whether you have a Stunning STI or a Rabbit, come out to an event and give it a try!

Please review the BAC RallyCross Challenge GCRs for full vehicle/competition details. 

Event Dates

November 20th SSW

December 11th SSW

January 15th SSW

February 5th SSW new date

February 12th SSW

February 26th SSW- Cancelled due to lot conditions

March 5th SSW

March 19th Conrad’s Quarry


0900- Course Setup
0930 – 1000: Registration and Scrutineering
1000- Drivers’ Meeting and official walk around
1030- First Car Starts
1600- End of RallyCross (Depends on number of entrants)


  • Prepared: Including (a) Rally and Race prepared vehicles, (b) vehicles with other than OEM (as the vehicle in question came from the factory) drive train (engine, transmission, rear ends, etc…) and or suspension modifications, (c) vehicles that have had parts removed that cause a weight reduction (seats, carpets, headliners, air conditioning, ABS, etc…)

  • All wheel / 4 Wheel Drive

  • Front wheel drive

  • Rear wheel drive

**Note: Studded snow tires are allowed in all classes.**

Come watch (Free)! Come play ($20)! Its more fun in the dirt!

Quickie FAQ:

Q. What do I need to participate?

A running car that’s street safe, tires, brakes, etc. It is the competitors responsibility to come to the event with a vehicle that is in good working order and can safely complete the event.

Tech inspections will be preformed randomly on street driven vehicles. Non street driven vehicles that are towed or trailer-ed to the event will be teched at their first event and then randomly after that.

Helmets will be inspected to confirm Snell M or SA 2005 or better rating. DOT approved helmets are not accepted. If you don’t have a helmet loaners (Snell 2010) are available on-site.

You will also need a membership in an ARMS affiliated club (BAC, ASCC, MMSC, etc…) Memberships will be available on site, $25 for new BAC members and good for one year. This membership will also allow you to participate in Navigational Rallies and AutoSlaloms held throughout the year by various ARMS affiliated clubs.

Q. How do I know what class to run in?

RallyCross classes are very simple and mostly based on your vehicle’s drivetrain. AWD, FWD and RWD. Rally prepared cars, I.e. caged, gutted, etc. Run in ‘Prepared’ class.

Q. How many runs do I get?

There will be 4 timed runs per driver, times are added together for a total time which will be what your overall placement and points will be based on.

Q. Can I share a vehicle?

A. Shared vehicles are encouraged and there will be a limit of 4 drivers per car. Entry fees are per-driver.

Q. Do you run in the rain/snow/mud/dirt/ice?

RallyCross is performed on whatever surface is on the ground. Bring adequate footwear for all conditions.

Q. I’ve never driven on loose surface before, can I still participate?

RallyCross is a very friendly environment, all manner of competitors participate from 16 year old first timers to experienced national rally competitors. All are welcome! RallyCross is a great way to learn how to drive on slippery/loose surfaces!

Minimum age for competitors is 16. All those competitors and passengers under the age of majority (19) in Nova Scotia must have a parental consent waiver signed before you are allowed to participate. The parental consent waiver can be found at the following url
http://www.asncanada.com/2009_Insurance … Waiver.pdf

If you wish to participate in a street driven vehicle and it is not registered in your name then you must have written permission from the vehicles owner to enter the event.

Minimum age for passengers is 14, and the vehicle must be driven by their parent or guardian. 

What if you just want to watch?

Q. Show up when?

Usually about 10:15 should be good. Don’t forget to sign the insurance waiver, usually at registration or the starters vehicle.

Q. Park where?

At Scotia Speed World as you come into the spectator parking lot keep to the left and park between the road and the hill.

At AMP park in the paddock area.

Q. Need to bring your own chairs or is there a spectator box/seating area?

Bring chairs.

Q. Any more info that a spectator may need to know?

Bring food if you want to eat and bring appropriate clothing and foot ware for the weather conditions.