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 Interested in getting a taste of rally driving?

Long winter months getting you down from lack of car driving sports? Or maybe just interested in some hands on driving experience in slippery, less than ideal conditions, to better prepare you for our soon to be slippery winter streets? Then participating in a BAC Rally Cross event would be just right for you!

RallyCross is like an off-road AutoSlalom event. A number of times between October and March we will haul out the pylons and timing equipment at the Middle Stewiacke Mud Slingers (SMS) lot and/or the Atlantic Motorsport Park (AMP in the back 40 as it’s known locally) parking lot, to rip it up against the clock in the mud, snow, gravel and what ever mother nature throws at us. Whether you have a Stunning STI or a Rusted-out Rabbit, come out to an event and give it a try!

Volunteer positions include:

Starter – Ensure everyone in the vehicle are wearing helmets and seatbelts. Make eye contact with the Timer person (in the Timing & Scoring vehicle) for indication when ready to start the run, make eye contact with the Driver, then count them each down to start with a “3..2..1!”.

Cone runners – stands safely near the course, when a pylon falls, pick it back up when it’s safe to do so. Indicate to the Scoring crew (Timing & Scoring vehicle) of the pylon.