RallyCross Feb 2nd cancelled work party instead

update February 1, 2014

Event cancelled completely there will not be any work party

January 31/14

Just in from BAC / Gordon Sleigh:

Okay folks, here’s the story. Forecast for tonight is 60% chance of Rain, 0 degrees tomorrow and 6 degrees and early morning rain on Sunday. Thats going to make for a soft lot and I’m just not comfortable that we won’t wreck the small lot and not be able to fix it if we run.
I don’t want to cancel another event, but I think at this point its more important to try and save the rest of our season, so to that end we’re going to have a work party on Sunday in the Scotia big lot to try and fix up what we did so we can run there on the 16th. I think everyone agrees we’d much rather be in the large lot than the small one anyway.

So calling all able bodied rallycrossers to come out to Scotia on Sunday at 10:30 or so. Bring boots, gloves and shovels/rakes/hoes. If we can pull things down and even them out mechanically we will but we may be resorting to good ‘ol manpower to fix the worst of it.