Bluenose Car Rally june 8, 2014


Sunday JUNE 8, 2014

Registration from 11:30 A. M.-12:45 P.M.

Novice Rally School 12:45 PM

Start: 1 P.M. Experienced Windsor Curling Club

Start: 1:30 P.M. Novice Windsor Curling Club

Finish: 5:28 P.M. Experienced Windsor Curling Club 213.48 km total

Finish: 4:56 P.M. Novice Windsor Curling Club 159.03 km total

Entry Fee: $20.00 per car

A driver and a navigator per car are needed. Some items that may be useful

are pencils, paper, a watch, and a calculator. The instructions will be given to you

2 minutes before you start.

The instructions will be easy to follow for the Novice crew slightly harder

for the experienced.

As you follow the route from Windsor you will visit; Avonport, Gaspereau,

Greenfield, and Halls Harbor.

Along the way you will come across checkpoint cars parked on the side of

the road. You must stop and check in.

You are penalized for arriving early or late at a checkpoint.

For more information contact James Partridge 902 798 4712 home; 902 790 2843

cell; email <>